Finding Jewelry in Moore, Okalahoma

Jewelry shopping is fun. You get to try on sparkles and dream of having fine jewelry. Well, the time has come for you to start thinking about building a jewelry wardrobe. Just like a clothing wardrobe, things go in and out of style. When you stick to classics, you avoid looking out of date. Finding Jewelry Moore OK is as easy as strolling through some jewelry stores.

Colored gemstones are all the rage. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies are all in high demand. Some of the bigger stones cost more than diamonds. You want to make sure your jewelry matches so it is important to buy your jewelry by stone – a ring, a bracelet and a pendant all in the same stone. This brings together your jewelry and makes you look coordinated. Which stone you want to choose to collect first is up to you. Sapphires and rubies are harder stones making it difficult to crack them. This makes them perfect for people who are hard on jewelry. Emeralds are softer and require more babying. If you are hard on jewelry, it is best to save emeralds for special occasions.

If you are looking for diamonds, you need to come armed with information. The main things to know about diamonds – besides the fact that they are the strongest substance known to man – are the three “C’s” – cut, clarity, color and carat. Cut has two aspects to it. The first is the shape of the stone. Diamonds come in round, oval, pear-shaped, emerald cut, princess cut and many more options. The second stage is the way the stone is cute. Diamond cutters facet the stone so the most light can get into the stone making it sparkle more. The better the cut; the better the diamond. Clarity is the amount and size of inclusions in the diamond – pieces of carbon that didn’t crystallize. You want a diamond that has no inclusions to the naked eye. Color means that diamonds are supposed to be white. When put in a light box, there should be no other colors coming from the diamond. Carat is simple. It is simply the weight of the stone. The bigger the stone; the more expensive the stone.

Shopping for jewelry can be a joy. Trying on different pieces and picking the one that is just right for you to love for years to come.

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