Enjoy the Luxury and Style of New York City with a Cashmere Winter Hat

If you are looking for a luxurious way to tackle New York’s chilly winters, you can’t go wrong with wearing a cashmere winter hat. The buttery softness of cashmere is unmatched in quality and durability. These hats make the ideal gift as well as a special treat for yourself. A classic choice, you won’t regret your purchase of one.

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is a luxurious natural fiber used to make sweaters, hats, and other knit items. It comes from the wool of a Kashmir goat. The wool found under the throat and on the underbelly are the most desirable for its softness and buttery feel. In its natural form, cashmere will be grey, white, or brown in color, but it can be dyed successfully.

The Benefits of Cashmere

In addition to being a luxury, cashmere is sought-after for its natural stretch. This stretch makes it move easily with your body. It is a fiber that can adapt to many different temperatures. In the winter chill, the high moisture content of the wool is warm and insulating. In the summer, it keeps one cool. Cashmere is lightweight, not bulky.

Types of Cashmere Hats

Cashmere can be used to knit elegant hats that have a luxurious look and feel. You can choose from several types of these hats. Fur pom pom hats are a classic with ribbed knitting and a fun pom pom on top. A rolled edge hat would be your traditional beanie without any additional decoration, and ear warmers are worn like a headband.

A cashmere winter hat will keep you nice and warm as you tackle another winter season. Best of all, you will look amazing while doing so. The luxury look and feel of cashmere is unmatched. To find your perfect cashmere hat, visit at Filoro.