Enjoy the Beauty and Health Benefits of a Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are popular because they are beautiful, provide a soft, warm glow, and offer health benefits. The lamps are not expensive, are easy to buy and come in several styles, making them a unique, affordable decorating touch and thoughtful gift. Some of the benefits you get when you buy a salt lampinclude:

IMPROVED HEALTH: The lamps release negative ions as the salt is heated by the lamp. This cleans the air, much like an ionized filtering machine. However, a salt lamp provides a natural solution, in a much more beautiful package. The lamps also help allergy sufferers. Allergies occur when your body’s immune system becomes sensitive to non-pathogenic particles that float in the air. When salt lamps ionize the air, they neutralize the positive charges in allergens, which stops them from creating an allergic response in your body. Salt lamps do not harm the air or the body during this harmless process, which can also help reduce fatigue and headaches.

BEAUTY: Himalayan crystal salt lamps are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so their there is one to suit most tastes, and any decor. They come in animal shapes and can be ordered in custom colors. Some lamps are made in natural shapes, while others are crafted into fire bowls, globes, triangles, and more. When lit, they emit a soft glow that adds beauty to any room.

ECONOMY: Salt lamps are very affordable, and can be ordered in several sizes. They only use a 15 watt bulb, so they are not expensive to use.

ADDED BENEFITS: Since salt lamps can help create more restful sleep, they are ideal for childen’s rooms. The lamps can neutralize the effect of electronic gadgets and help students and workers improve their concentration. Smokers who add salt lamps to their home can remove smoke smells and breathe more easily. Meditation is enhanced when it is done in a room with a salt lamp, because the body is in a more relaxed state.

Salt has been improving health since ancient times and salt lamps bring these benefits to modern users. The lamps are a beautiful, affordable way to create a healthy, relaxing atmosphere.

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