Concord Grapes: a Modern American Variety

Concord grapes are one of the most popular varieties in the United States. This grape was the first to be used as a non-fermented juice, and eventually developed into the favorite choice for grape jams and jellies. We have Concord grape vines for sale for your juicing and preserving needs, so you can continue the tradition, with this distinctly American grape.

Beginnings of Concord Grapes

The Concord grape was developed in Concord, Massachusetts, in 1849. Ephraim Wales Bull created the variety from a local native wild grape, after more than 22,000 seedling plantings. His goal was to find a grape that was hardy enough to survive the cold New England winters that killed off the imported varieties, and that ripened early enough to harvest before the frosts. In 1853 he introduced the Concord grape at the Boston Horticultural Society Exhibition, and it was a huge success. Others later discovered ways to use the Concord grape, that would have a lasting impact on the American diet.

Grape Juice Emerges

In 1869, Dr. Thomas Welch, a dentist in New Jersey, put the relatively new theory of pasteurization to use and attempted to create and store a grape juice that would not ferment. He quickly boiled and pressed Concord grapes, squeezing them into jars that he carefully sealed and boiled. The aim was to kill the yeast that would cause the juice to ferment into wine. The process was successful and the modern juicing industry was born. His son, Charles moved the operation to upstate New York in 1896, due to growth in production, and processed 300 tons of Concord grapes by the next year.

Grape Jam as a War Ration

After the war, grape jam and pre-sliced bread became commercial products, during World War II peanut butter became a commercial product and shortly after, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich was born.

Concord Grapes Today

Concord grapes are still one of the most popular varieties in the US, with more than 336,000 tons harvested annually. This grape is still used for jams, jellies and juices, and is a favorite flavor for candies and grape-flavored soft drinks. The grape itself has a sweet smell and a slip-skin, which makes it easy to remove and separate from the fruit. If you are looking for Concord grape vines for sale than visit . You can purchase an American staple and taste history, straight from your own vineyard.

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