Cartier Jewelry

The Cartier brand is synonymous with luxury. It has always been associated with the most exclusive and timeless jewelry. Louis-François Cartier began his professional career at the age of 28. After completing an internship with the well-known craftsman and watchmaker Adolph Picard, he took over his studio in Paris in 1847 and opened his own studio.

He quickly built his reputation by satisfying the most extravagant desires of the aristocratic clientele, which included the rich and famous members of the royal courts of Europe. Now Cartier is known across the world for their watches and jewelry pieces and Gray and Sons carries one of the largest pre owned cartier collections out there.

Reasons to Buy Cartier Jewelry

Cartier is a well-known brand in the world of jewelry. If you have already fallen in love with this beautiful jewelry and you are thinking of buying yourself a 18k Cartier Love bracelet or a Cartier panthere ring, here are some reasons why you should buy used jewelry from Gray and Sons Jewelers:

The Cartier Style

Not only have popular celebrities been spotted sporting armfuls of Cartier bracelets and bangles, but Cartier has also been known for their timeless and classic style for years.

The simple yet elegant design of their pieces like the 18k Cartier Juste Un Clou, you can wear these pieces even when popular styles and designs change. This also makes Cartier Jewelry an ideal choice for a variety of occasions, from casual all the way to formal occasions.

Used Cartier Jewelry as an Investment

While items from some jewelry brands are known to depreciate in value over time, the quality of Cartier means many of their items, like watches, have held or even increased in value over time. This makes Cartier pieces ideal for family heirloom gifts across generations.

Moreover, the gold market has seen a substantial increase in value many times over the last several years.

Cartier Jewelry Price

At Gray and Sons Jewelers you can find Cartier jewelry for sale that still retains its original quality and value.

Choose from a wide range of necklaces, Cartier jewelry bracelets, Cartier earrings, Cartier diamond rings, Cartier watches, and all diamond Cartier jewelry. You’ll get the perfect jewelry at a fraction of the original price.

Cartier Jewelry Models
• Cartier Rings
• Cartier Bracelets
• Cartier Necklaces
• Cartier Earrings
• Cartier Brooches

Cartier Jewelry Collections
• Clash De Cartier
• Love
• Trinity
• Juste Un Clou
• Panthere De Cartier
• Ecrou De Cartier
• Cactus De Cartier

Where To Buy Used Cartier Jewelry

Gray & Sons is one of the most famous stores with exclusive pre owned jewelry in Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Bal Harbor, Fort Lauderdale, and even in New York.

Gray & Sons has been selling and buying pre owned Cartier jewelry since 1980 and has the best trained staff.

When you shop with an experienced jeweler, they can authenticate and price these pieces fairly. If you’re ready to invest in a timeless piece of Cartier jewelry, check out the Gray & Sons Jewelers offer.

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