Buttercream vs. French Buttercream

Buttercream Icing or Frosting‏ – it is what childhood cakes and cupcakes are made of. For years, you likely begged to lick the beaters after your mom or grandmother whipped up a bowl of the deliciously sweet buttercream icing. These are truths most people can relate to. However, did you know that not all of the buttercream icings are equal?

Buttercream is the beloved type of frosting, which is created by a combination of sugar and fat. One of the most popular methods is to combine confectioners’ sugar and butter. However, you have likely noticed that there are some types of buttercream icing that are just simply better tasting than others.

The truth is that there are a number of reasons that one frosting may taste better than the next. One of these frostings is the French buttercream variety. This is much fluffier and lighter than what is commonly referred to as American buttercream, which is likely what was whipped up at your house during your childhood.

When French buttercream is made, it is done so by the heating of a sugar syrup until the point that it reaches the stage referred to as “soft ball.” At this point, soft butter and egg yolks will be beaten into the syrup. Chances are this is the rich and shiny frosting you had on those rare occasions that simply blew your mind.

Now, French buttercream is not the only variety that is worth mentioning, since Italian buttercream is not too bad either. Italian buttercream is very similar to French buttercream since you use a type of boiling sugar syrup and water and then cook it to the soft ball stage. The difference lies in the fact that you then pour this sugar mixture over beaten egg whites so that you make a meringue. When the meringue is cooled, you will very slowly add some butter and then mix it together vigorously.

The only way that you can decide which buttercream is your absolute favorite and best for your current baking project is to try them all out. While you should not try them all in one setting (unless you can handle a significant sugar rush) experimenting with various textures and icings for your desserts and finding your own go-to frosting will help you have successful cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Go ahead, try them all – you will be glad you did. To get more information, visit http://www.nycake.com/chocolatebuttercreamicingfrosting15ozs-10.aspx.

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