Bahia Chaise: The Perfect Choice for a Poolside Chair

Enjoying time by the pool is easy when the weather is warm and there are plenty of comfortable places to sit back and relax. Hotels, community pools, and even homeowners associations look to the commercial furniture industry to provide them with outdoor pieces that will add to the overall aesthetic look of an area and its functionality. When it comes to lounging on the deck and soaking in some sunshine, the Bahia Chaise is the perfect choice for individuals hanging out poolside.

Commercial properties often look for outdoor furniture that will stand up to the elements. If a pool is heated year round, there is a good chance that people will be coming by to enjoy the space all the time. This means that the furniture is not going to be taken indoors and stored. The goal is to find pieces that will not fade from the sun exposure.

The Bahia Chaise is specially treated to block the effects of the UV rays and also includes a special coasting that prevents stains from food, salt, and chlorine. With patrons in and out of the pool all day, there is a good chance that the furniture is going to come into contact with lots of different things, including chlorine and sunscreen. The better the Bahia chaise lounge looks, the longer it will be able to stay on the deck and be used by patrons.

With multiple people using the outdoor furniture every day, craftsmanship is of the utmost importance when it comes to items like chairs and chaises. Most of the seating options are able to hold up to 300 pounds and are specially created to resist breaks in some of the most common areas. There are all sorts of liabilities that come with having on outdoor property that individuals use. Furniture needs to be created to avoid breaks and the injuries that often follow.

Even if the chair doesn’t break, there are other ways that patrons injure themselves on outdoor furniture. The Bahia chaise lounge was created to deal with some of the common issues that occur outside by the pool. When attempting to recline, a special safety feature ensures that the back will not accidentally fall and smash a person’s fingers. The glides are also longer than the average chair to prevent it from tipping over when someone sits down or gets up.

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