An Introduction To Basic Body Jewelry

Wearing body jewelry is an ideal way to tell people a bit about yourself and to express your own personal taste and style. This type of jewelry can include both jewelry for piercings as well as non-pierced types of jewelry as well. Deciding what types of jewelry is right for you starts with having a better understanding of your options.

Materials in Body Jewelry

There are many different options when it comes to material that body jewelry is made of. For most people just starting to wear jewelry a good idea is to choose surgical stainless steel.

Stainless surgical steel is safe for virtually all people to wear and will not cause reactions even for those with sensitivity to other metals. It is very resistant to scratching and corrosion and will last for years without any visible signs of wear.

Other options include gold, gold plate, titanium and even acrylic. You can also find custom made body jewelry that uses different types of wood and bone and even semi-precious stones such as jade, black agate or different types of quartz. However, keep in mind these are typically not used as basic starter ear plugs or other types of body jewelry and are not suitable for all wearers.

Simple Designs

When you first have a piercing, even if it is a traditional ear piercing, it is very important to choose as simple design for your body jewelry. This allows you a chance to get used to the jewelry being in place. There is a reason this jewelry tends to be smooth, curved or very simple in design.

Immediately after your piercing and until complete healing the area is going to be sensitive. Sharp or rough edges, long or dangling jewelry or highly ornate jewelry is more likely to catch on clothing, hair, brushes or anything else that may be used or worn close to the area. By using a smooth, smaller style there is less chance of pulling on the jewelry and possible tearing or irritating the piercing itself, allowing for faster healing.

Once you have mastered using and wearing basic body jewelry you can start to add your own style. There are many different options of jewelry from unique designs to different metals that will allow you to build up your collection.

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