An Educational Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can happen in many places, why not in a jewelry store? Dallas has many jewelry stores, so why not a scavenger hunt in Dallas? A scavenger hunt in a jewelry store would be mostly educational, since pieces really could not be touched. Participants would search for specific pieces types or parts of jewelry or gemstones that are not as well known.

The most obvious and perhaps most educational would be to search for different types of metal. Since almost all jewelry is made of metal, it would be the most abundant part in the store. That does not mean it will be easy. If you have to look for an eight and a fourteen carat gold piece of jewelry, you will learn which is more expensive and the difference in color. Another invaluable distinction to learn is the difference between silver and sterling silver. Of course, one could throw copper in for fun, if the store has any.

The searchers could also look for pieces of jewelry that use different clasps. There will be a quite a few clasps in a jewelry store, because most necklaces and bracelets use one. There are extremely easy to do yourself clasps, such as toggle clasps, and lobster clasps. Not only are they easy to connect and undo, they hold fairly well, although a toggle clasp may not be desirable on a bracelet. Then there is the classic hook and eye clasp. Most of the jewelry in the store will use these. Then, there are the unique clasps. Examples would be the s-hook and the ball and joint. S-hooks are not always reliable and ball and joints are difficult to clasp, perhaps even more difficult than the spring lock clasp. This is only a sampling of clasps you will find in a jewelry store.

To make the jewelry store scavenger hunt more difficult, the list could include rare stones. For instance, they could search for scapolite. Scapolite is a fairly clear gem, sometimes tinted gold or purple. It is native to the United States, but not to the Dallas area. Yet, that does not mean it cannot found in a jewelry store in Dallas. Another rare stone is California Benitoite, a medium- blue stone. Unfortunately, Finding examples of these would probably require tramping though most of the jewelry stores in Dallas.

Jewelry stores in Dallas provide great educational opportunities, if you want to learn more about jewelry. Why not get a couple of friends together and change it into an educational scavenger hunt?

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