A Custom Area Rug in Seattle Will Set Your Home or Business a Cut Above

One design element most homeowners have not considered is a custom rug. Likewise, a custom rug can set your retail business apart from the rest. Imagine your business’s logo woven into a run. In fact, custom rugs in Seattle are a growing trend, for both private homes and public businesses.

A custom area rug can be designed to perfectly accent the colors and textures in your room. The pile can also be trimmed and shaped into a subtle 3D effect. You can create the perfect area rug that not only fits your personality, but will also last for generations. It could be an heirloom item that your family will remember you by for years to come.

Custom area rugs are also perfect for your business; it can be designed with your company’s logo, or any pattern that will compliment your business. A unique custom rug adds a real touch of class to your establishment. It’s something your patrons will remember you by.

Custom rugs in Seattle can be made in any size that you need, and in a wide array of colors. From contemporary, traditional or rustic, the right area rug can really make a room stand out. Designing your custom rug is not only fun, but it’s also more affordable than you might think. It’s the one thing that can completely tie a room together.

Mafi Rugs has been designing the best quality, custom rugs in Seattle since the early 1990s. www.mafirugs.com

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