3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Carry a Tactical Spring Assisted Knives

Tactical knives are an essential part of any emergency kit. Emergency situations require you to take action in a split second. Having a spring assisted pocketknife can be the difference between life and death.

Whether you’re fighting against an attacker or you need to cut off a seatbelt, a knife can be a life-saving essential in many situations. If you don’t already have this emergency tool, read on for three reasons why you need a pocketknife.

Ease of Opening

If you’re faced with an emergency, it’s important to react as quickly as possible. While carrying a knife with you may help, if you can’t access it or open it quickly enough, this tool will be useless.

One of the best reasons to invest in a tactical spring assisted knife is its ease of opening. The faster you can deploy the knife, the faster you’ll be able to take action.

Single-Handed Convenience

Another reason to consider a tactical knife is their single-handed convenience. These types of knives are designed for smooth operation, allowing for one-handed opening. This makes it easy to use your knife while you have the other hand free to do whatever is necessary now.

Easy to Travel With

As spring assisted knives are compact, they’re easy to travel with anywhere. Tactical folding blades are designed with a locking mechanism that holds the blade in place. This makes it easy to carry the knife with you without putting yourself in danger.

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