3 Creative Uses For Jimmies Sprinkles

Although non-bakers may not know the name for those colorful sprinkles they love using, they are actually called Jimmies Sprinkles. The small, sweet, and colorful decorative accents are just perfect for a variety of uses in decorating baked goods. If you are looking to add some extra color, crunch, and pizzaz to your baked treats, these delicious sprinkles offer the perfect solution. Below are three creative uses for Jimmies sprinkles that everyone is sure to love.

Perfect for Making pizza cookies

Have you tried making pizza cookies yet? If not, you’re missing out! Pizza cookies are just regular sugar cookies that are decorated to look like pizza. They can be made any size including small, medium, and large and can be adorned with white, yellow, and red Jimmies Sprinkles to mimic the pizza and sauce. If you are having a kids birthday party and they love pizza, this is a nice twist that makes for a sweet and yummy dessert.

Decorating homemade doughnuts

A great project to do with kids is making homemade doughnuts. This can be done easily using a doughnut pan. Baking the doughnuts is the healthiest way to go when it comes to making doughnuts. However the best part is the decorating process. Using Jimmies Sprinkles to decorate your doughnuts is as simple as sprinkling them over the icing once they have finished baking and the icing has been smoothed on top.

Mini ice cream cakes

Making little ice cream cakes is so much fun. Ice cream cakes look similar to muffins but they have a very whipped frosting on top. These muffins can be placed into ice cream cones and then Jimmies sprinkles can be sprinkled over the top of the whipped icing.This would be a wonderful and very creative treat to serve at a kid’s birthday party or even a nice and simple baby shower dessert.

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