2 Types Of Nose Retainers To Help You Cover And Retain Your Piercing

When someone says the words “body modifications,” you will likely automatically think about tattoos and piercings. These types of body modifications are widely popular and have been used to display artistry and individuality. You might have recently been hired by an employer that requires you to hide your body modifications like your nose piercing that you have had for ages. Perhaps you are concerned about retaining your piercing. Here are 2 types of retainer nose rings or nose piercing retainers that will help you discreetly cover and retain your nose piercing.

Pyrex Nose Retainer

One of the most popular types of nose piercing retainers are Pyrex glass nose retainers. These types of retainers are great for initial piercings. They are clear, comfortable, easy to wear, and are autoclave safe. They are typically offered in two sizes, 18 gauge (1 millimeter) or 16 gauge (1.5 millimeters).


Another widely used and popular type of retainer nose ring to help you hide your piercing while at work are acrylic nose bone retainers. These types of retainers can come in two colors and sizes. Color options for this particular type of nose retainer include black or clear. They are also generally offered in two sizes, 18 or 20 gauge, and are typically 6-millimeter in length.

The Takeaway

These are only to mention 2 of the most popular and common types of retainer nose rings used to help cover your piercing while at work. Perhaps you are now searching for a company that offers these types of nose retainers. When searching for a company to buy nose retainers from, consider choosing a highly reputable and reliable company to ensure you receive high-quality nose retainers.

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